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Pittsburgh, PA  15226


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"Your car deserves the best repair service available, and it's available here." 

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      SINCE  1981  



            Under Pennsylvania law your right

       to use the repair shop of your choice

      is protected.  No matter what an

      insurer may say.  Remember, it's your

      vehicle and it's your choise.  We hope

      you choose COYLE AUTO


            WE  ACCEPT          


 When you require repair due to damage, we are here for you! We believe that every customer is special, and we will work hard to keep your business. At Coyle Auto Body we are so certain you will be satisfied that we guarantee efficient, prompt and reliable work, and honest service.


Whether you need to schedule a regular maintenance, or set up an appointment for a malfunction, look no futher. Need new tires on your vehicle or your tires problem!

 We do maintenance and inspections on motorcycles too.

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